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Tomorrow is 15 years, I still cant believe it. I always wonder what you would have looked like? Still blonde? tall or short? sporty? And that's all I have is to wonder. Two and a half years old and your life was cut short and I have the same anger today as I had 15 years ago. Does the doctor who did this ever think back to the 17th April 2000 5:50am? I doubt it, it was just a "mistake" and his life goes on as normal. I am bitter, angry and very hateful and that will never change. I am tired of people saying "Nikita is in a better place" really have you been there and come back? Home is where you should be. I will love you for the rest of my life and nothing will change that. Hope you twirling around on your tippy toes in heaven singing ring a rosie. Love you to the moon and back Mommy xxxxxxx

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Comment by Danya Herman on January 31, 2017 at 10:22

My darling. My heart is sore for you. What did this doctor do? I lost my daughter in utero and I have a friend who was due at the same time with a daughter. I cant see this child. It kills me. Even though I eventually got blessed with another daughter, I cannot fathom the pain when someone asks me about my lost daughter. I also envision her. All I have is her ultrasound and I feel alone but it reminds me she existed and she was mine.

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