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I have not been on this forum for a few years. I have read my previous blogs and now it is 8  and a half years since I lost my beloved Daniel. What I have learnt is that the longing and the sorrow and grief will never go away. It has become part of who I am today. I am strong, resilient yet at the same time fragile and broken. I have accepted that life will never be the same without Daniel and that I have a new reality. I wish I can say that I am happy and have moved on. But I don't want to move on. I do my best to live a life with my daughters and to enjoy it, but I have my dark days and deep sadness. But that is normal. That is to be expected. I lost my child, but that is part of me and has made me a better, stronger person today. I do have joy in my life, but a different type...

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