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Since Brandon passed away 5yrs 8mths ago, our entire lives have been turned upside down!!!!

A year after Brandon died, my other son Shane, who was 17yrs at the time, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. The doctors say that it was most probably the shock of his brothers death that triggered it. He is now 23 and has just been diagnosed with another autoimmune condition,CIDP. Sometimes I just don't know how to carry on!!!

My eldest daughter barely talks to me and I just don't know why? My youngest daughter is also not talking to me at the moment just because I told her to have some respect for me and the other members in the family.

I must tell everyone though, that we always had a very strong bond between us because I brought my children up by myself, but everything now has just gone wrong. 2 yrs ago I took an overdose of sleeping tablets because I just did not want to be here anymore. I must say, there is a very fine line between sane and insane and I crossed that line.

All I can do is just pray and hope that my children are kept safe and that they are happy, that is all I have ever wanted!!!!

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