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16 years this year my precious baby girl. I always wonder what you would have been like you would have had your matric dance last year I think you would have gone in takkies or barefoot you were never a girly girl even at 2 and a half years old.

I saw the doctor the other day it was pure shock like a lightning bolt went through me. I just stared at him while he sipped his coffee. I knew he would go there again so I went there a second time made eye contact and just stared at him I don't think I blinked. Every move he made I watched him and I could see he was uncomfortable clearly he did not remember me 16 years later but that smug face I will never forget. Amazing how his life just carries on not a care in the world expensive coffee every morning reading the news paper, well that morning he never enjoyed that cup of coffee my stare was so bitter and full of hatred that he got up and left.

He ruined my life taking away my precious baby girl. I hope he rots in hell.

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