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I'd really like to know is there such a thing as life after death

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i had a weird experience today. My builder had a motorbike accident a few weeks back. He was dead for 17 minutes (revived twice). He said he experienced this most amazing peace ever. He even told the paramedics to let him die because it was such bliss. Not sure if this means anything to anyone, but its nice to know that my Nasya experienced bliss.

After the death of my eldest son in March last year, a friend of mine suggested I read a book called Journey of Souls. It is heavy going as I often resort to tears as soon as I start reading, but in this book it does talk about life after death. Try getting your hands of this book.

You must read the books of James van Praagh,i also had a expereance where i left my body and travelled to another dimention through a tunnel after i had a brain aneurysm and stopped breathing at home! This was a couple of months after my son died in a car accident, i actualy spoke to him on that dimention! I survived the anuerysm but was in a coma for 2weeks and blind for 3months. Afterwords i read one of james books and it was exactly what i experienced on the first dimention. I am a christian and LOVE JESUS.....

Most certainly! Earth is not the home of our soul/spirit. When our body dies our soul goes home. It is possible, no essential that we try to maintain contact with our loved ones on the other side. They are most concerned for our well being as we are for theirs. Particularly when they are privy to our grief and broken hearts. They have a strong need to comfort us. They are with us. I learnt this from my 19 yr old son, Steven who passed over 11.11.11 after an accident. He is with my daughter Candice who passed over 13.10.2000. Both watch over myself and my other two daughters. We draw much strength from their presence. Know that life after death is just a continuation of the journey for our soul. 


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