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I lost my 26 year old beautiful boy through violent crime he was killed in a hijacking gone wrong on the 26th April 2014. Senseless and life changing for me some days I wait for him to walk through the door calling mum like he used to. He was my friend and champion there's soo much violence in this country when will our children be safe if ever.

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Im so sorry for you loss. In this world , here on this website we all share the same pain . The loss of a loved one. I too lost my son in a car accident in July 2011 . I have been to hell and back , crawling on my knees. On Monday was my sons birthday , and I found myself trying to be brave, going to get much needed groceries. I just broke down crying inside the shop. This time of year is too much for me. All the Christmas carols , decorations and all , is just too much.

You , must be strong my dear friend. Live each day ... minute by minute if you have too .

God Bless and I will be thinking of you . Love and light and prayers .

Thank you I don't think the pain goes away, today is 7 months and it still feels like a nightmare from which I am going to wake up. I heard today that the culprits will be tried on 26th January 2015 it's going to be tough to sit through that but I will make sure they stay in jail so that others children are safe. Holidays and birthdays are hard, strength my friend on this difficult journey that God chose for us take care


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